Mathematics 421/510 (Functional Analysis), Winter/Spring 2017

Tue Thur 11-12:30, MATX 1102

Instructor: Prof. Laba Prerequisites: MATH 420/507, or equivalent background in measure theory and real analysis.

Textbook: Gerald B. Folland, Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications, 2nd ed., John Wiley and Sons, 1999, ISBN 0-471-31716-0

This cross-listed 4th year undergraduate and graduate course provides an introduction to functional analysis. It will be based on Chapters 5-8 of the textbook. Most of the emphasis will be on Chapter 5, with the main topics as follows: Time permitting, we will also explore the applications of abstract functional analysis to other areas of mathematics such as harmonic analysis, mathematical physics and partial differential equations: We may occasionally encounter topics that are only mentioned briefly, if at all, in the textbook. In such cases, additional resources will be provided. You may also want to take notes in class.

Your course mark will be based on homework (40%) and two midterm exams (30% each). The grades may be scaled at the end of the course. There will be no final exam.

Examinations: There will be two in-class 80-minute midterms, scheduled on Tuesdays, February 7 and March 16 (note the revised date). Both midterms will be strictly closed-book: no formula sheets, calculators, or other aids will be allowed.

Homework assignments: Homework will be assigned on a regular basis, every 1-2 weeks. Each assignment will be announced and posted here at least a week in advance. The assignments are due in class on the due date. If you cannot come to class, you may drop off your homework at your instructor's office before 11 am on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted. Solutions will be posted on the course webpage immediately after the lecture. To allow for minor illnesses and other emergencies, the lowest homework score will be dropped.

Academic concession: Missing a midterm, or handing in a homework after the deadline, will result in a mark of 0. Exceptions may be granted in two cases: prior consent of the instructor, or a documented medical reason. Your course mark will then be based on your remaining coursework.

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