Mathematics 421/510 (Functional Analysis)

Spring 2012

Instructor: Professor I. Laba (Math Bldg 200, 604-822-4457, ilaba(at)
Lectures: Tue Thur 11-12:30, MATH 202
Office hours: Tue 12:30-2, Thur 10-11, and by appointment.

This course will provide an introduction to functional analysis, with some applications to other areas of mathematics such as harmonic analysis, mathematical physics and partial differential equations. The topics will include the following: A tentative list of current and upcoming topics is posted here. (I have added more details on the requisite background in measure and integration theory.) It will be updated as needed. We will mostly follow the presentation in Lax's textbook, which I find more user-friendly, but Conway's book is also a good reference.

Recommended textbooks:

Prerequisite: Math 420/507 or equivalent.

Your course grade will be based on 6 problem sets, tentatively due on January 19, February 2, February 16, March 8, March 22, and April 5. Late assignments will not be accepted except in the event of illness (with supporting medical documentation), or with prior consent of the instructor. There will be no final exam.

Homework 1, due on Thursday Jan. 19.
Homework 2, due on Thursday Feb. 2.
Homework 3, due on Thursday Feb. 16.
Homework 4, due on Thursday March 8.
Homework 5, due on Thursday March 22.
Homework 6, due on Thursday April 5.