Mathematics 227 (Advanced Calculus II), Spring 2009

MWF 12:00-12:50, Buchanan D304.

Parametrization of curves and surfaces; line and surface integrals; theorems of Green, Gauss, Stokes; applications to physics and/or introduction to differential forms.

Prerequisites: A score of 68% or higher in Math 226, or permission of department head. Please note that Math 227 is an advanced course, appropriate only for students with a genuine interest in and talent for mathematics.

Instructor: Dr. I. Laba (Math Bldg 200, (604) 822 4457, ilaba at
Office hours: Mon 3-4, Wed 11-12, Fri 1-2. If you cannot come to office hours, please make an appointment in advance. Drop-ins and same-day requests for appointments cannot usually be accommodated.
Textbook: S.J. Colley, Vector Calculus, 3rd ed., Prentice Hall 2005.
Course web page:

Your course mark will be based on homework (10%), two midterms (20% each), and the final exam (50%), with the important provision that you must pass the final exam in order to pass the course. Final grades may be scaled to match the usual grade distribution in this course.

Examinations: There will be two in-class 50 minute midterms scheduled on Wednesdays, February 4 and March 11, and a 2.5 hour final exam in April. The date of the final examination will be announced by the Registar later in the term. Attendance at the final examination is required, so be careful about making other committments (such as travel) before this date is confirmed. All examinations will be strictly closed-book: no formula sheets, calculators, or other aids will be allowed.

Homeworks: There will be 6 homework assigmnents, due on Wednesdays, January 14, January 28, February 11, March 4, March 18, April 1. Each assignment will be due at the beginning of the class on the indicated day. If you cannot come to class, you may drop off your homework at my office or the main Math office (Math Bldg 121) prior to the start of class. Assignments handed in after the first 5 minutes of class will receive a 10% late penalty; assignments handed in later than the end of class will not be accepted. The average of the best 4 out of the 6 assignments will constitute the homework portion of your course grade.

Academic concession. Missing a midterm, or handing in a homework after the due date, will normally result in a mark of 0. Exceptions may be granted in two cases: prior consent of the instructor, or a medical emergency. Supporting documentation (e.g. a doctor's note) will be required. If your request for academic concession is approved, your course mark will normally be based on your remaining coursework (homework: 10%, midterms and final exam: total of 90%).

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