Mathematics 226 (Honours Advanced Calculus I), Fall 2019

Section 101: MWF 11:00-11:50, LSK 460. Credit value: 3 credits.

Instructor: Professor I. Laba Prerequisites: Either (a) a score of 68% or higher in MATH 121 or (b) a score of 80% or higher in one of MATH 101, MATH 103, MATH 105, SCIE 001.

Corequisites: One of MATH 152, MATH 221, MATH 223.

Course structure: 3 lecture hours per week, supplemented by 3 office hours per week, regular homework, and discussion boards on Canvas and Piazza. There will also be opportunities to ask questions during class.

Required learning materials: Course-level learning objectives: Course topics and tentative schedule: Detailed updates on class topics covered each week will be posted regularly on Canvas.

Learning activities: Your learning practice should include textbook reading, class attendance, and working on practice problems. All three components are essential. Your course mark will be based on WebWork (10%), longform homework assignments (15%), midterm exam (25%), and the final exam (50%). The grades may be slightly scaled at the end of the course. Academic concession: The rules and procedures for obtaining academic concession are governed by UBC Policy V-135 on Academic Concession. The details in this course are as follows. Academic misconduct: UBC takes cheating incidents very seriously. After due investigation, students found guilty of cheating on tests and examinations are usually given a final grade of 0 in the course and suspended from UBC for one year. See here for more information. Additional help: Statement about the University's values and policies, mandated by UBC Policy V-130: UBC provides resources to support student learning and to maintain healthy lifestyles but recognizes that sometimes crises arise and so there are additional resources to access including those for survivors of sexual violence. UBC values respect for the person and ideas of all members of the academic community. Harassment and discrimination are not tolerated nor is suppression of academic freedom. UBC provides appropriate accommodation for students with disabilities and for religious, spiritual and cultural observances. UBC values academic honesty and students ae expected to acknowledge the ideas generated by others and to uphold the highest academic standards in all of their actions. Details of the policies and how to access support are available here.
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