Mathematics 121 (Honours Integral Calculus), Spring 2002

Instructor: I. Laba. Office: Math Annex 1225. Phone: 822 3785. E-mail:
Office hours: Monday 1-2, Tuesday 3-4, Friday 1-2.

Textbook: R. Adams, Single Variable Calculus, 4th edition.

Course web page:

This is the honours version of Math 101. We will be covering essentially the same material, but in greater foundational depth and with emphasis on harder and/or more theoretical problems.

Prerequisites: A grade of 68% in Math 120 or 80% in Math 100, 102 or 104, or a score of 5 in AP Calculus AB, or permission of the Head of the Department.

Your course mark will be based on the homeworks (10%), two midterms (20% each), and the final exam (50%). The midterms will be held in class on Wednesdays, Feb. 6 and March 6. The date of the final examination will be announced by the Registar later in the term. Attendance at the final examination is required, so be careful about making other commitments (such as travel). The final exam will have at least 50% in common with the Math 101 final exam. Grades may be scaled.

Homeworks will be due every Wednesday, starting Jan. 9, except that no homework is due on the midterm days. If you cannot come to Wednesday's class, ask a friend to hand in your homework, or bring it to my office by 3 PM. The lowest two homework scores will be dropped. You are encouraged to discuss the homework with other students, but please write up the solutions on your own. I strongly recommend that you get started on the homework early in the week. If there is anything that you do not understand or would like to see explained in more detail, do not hesitate to ask!

Academic concession. If you are unable to write a midterm or hand in a homework on time, you should discuss with me how to make up for the missed work. In the case of a midterm, you will usually have a choice of writing a make-up test or having your term mark calculated based on your remaining class work. Homeworks missed for valid reasons may be handed in late, or else they will not count towards the final grade in the course. In order to be eligible for academic concession, you must: Course schedule (tentative)

The first midterm was on Wednesday, February 6. The problems and solutions are posted here.

The second midterm was on Wednesday, March 6. The problems and solutions are posted here.
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