Mathematics 100 (Differential Calculus), Fall 2007

Section 103: MWF 12:00-12:50, MCLD 228.
Section 105: MWF 2:00-2:50, Buch A202.

Instructor: Professor Izabella Laba
Office: Math Bldg 239.
Phone: 822 2450.
Office hours: Mon 3-4, Fri 11-12, and by appointment. I will also be available for a few minutes after each class.

Essential information: General information for all sections of Math 100 is posted on the Math 100 common page. Please familiarize yourself with it. The additional information and policies posted here are specific to Sections 103 and 105.

Your course mark will be based on the homeworks (10%), two midterms (20% each), and the final exam (50%). Grades will be scaled as explained on the common web page. Both midterms and the final exam will be strictly closed-book: no formula sheets, calculators, or other aids will be allowed. Academic concession. Missing a midterm, or handing in a homework after the due date, will normally result in a mark of 0. Exceptions may be granted in two cases: prior consent of the instructor, or a medical emergency. Supporting documentation (e.g. a doctor's note) will be required. If your request for academic concession is approved, your course mark will be based on your remaining coursework (in the case of a missed midterm, this usually means 10% homework, 30% the other midterm, 60% final exam).

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