MATH 105/Section 210

This is the website for my (Jay's) section of MATH 105.

The common page for MATH 105 can be found here.  It includes a course description, course outline, grading policies, links to Webwork, practice problems, and other information.

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My Office: Auditorium Annex 131.

My Office Hours: Wednesdays, 10am-11am, and Thursdays, 12:30pm-1:30pm, in LSK 303D; or by appointment (arrange by e-mail).

In addition to the midterms, final, and Webwork assignments, I will occasionally give quizzes on Fridays that will make up 6% of your final grade.  Quizzes will cover recent material and they will be similar in difficulty to the practice problems listed on the common page.

The first quiz was on Friday, January 11.
The second quiz was on Friday, January 25.
The third quiz was on Friday, February 8.
The fourth quiz was on Friday, March 1.
The fifth quiz was on Friday, March 22.

FINAL EXAM REVIEW SESSION: The final exam for Math 105 is on Monday, April 22.  So I am going to have a review session on Sunday, April 21.  It will take place at IBLC 261 from 1pm to 3pm.

Since this is the day before the final, come with questions and problems that you have from your own studying.

ADDITIONAL PRACTICE PROBLEMS: Now that we are at the main part of the course--integration--I thought I should assign you some extra practice problems.  I'll keep a running list as we advance further into the book.  Keep in mind that while some of these may be the same as those on the common page, they do not replace those problems assigned on the common page that I haven't included.

Section 4.8: 2-9, 11-36, 38
Section 5.3: 33-40
Section 5.5: 4, 6, 8, 13-42, 44, 52-64, 78-80
Section 7.1: 7-22, 26, 27, 29-35 (Hint for 22: use a u-substitution before you launch into integration by parts!  Hints for 29-35: maybe some of these integrands are the same as the indefinite integrals from earlier...)
Section 7.2: 9-16, 19-23, 25, 26, 29, 30, 32
Section 7.3: 4-10, 15-30
Section 7.4: 5-25
Chapter 7 Review: 2-19

(Note: All the extra problems I've given you are meant to give you extra practice with computing integrals.  That is a skill that it is essential to master if you want to do well in this course.  You should not only be able to compute integrals, but you should be able to compute the simple integrals quickly.  That is why I've given you so many problems--your goal should be to become efficient enough that each integral from Section 4.8 takes you mere seconds.

Extra Note: Even though Midterm 2 has passed, I'm leaving up this list in case you haven't gone through it yet and want to try them while reviewing for the final.)