Jay Heumann

Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia
E-mail: heumann@math.ubc.ca
: Auditorium Annex 131

Currently: I have just finished my Ph.D. under the supervision of Vinayak Vatsal and Mike Bennett.  Before that, I got my M.A. in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Here is a current copy of my CV.

Research Interests: My thesis, titled Modular Symbols, Eisenstein Series, and Congruences, deals with special values of L-functions related to cusp forms and Eisenstein series, and uses modular symbols to study the special values.  Its content is included in a joint paper with V. Vatsal that has been submitted for publication, under the same name.

You can view the submitted paper here, or the thesis here.

I wrote another paper, also submitted for publication, entitled A Bound on 7-Torsion Points on Curves of Genus 2.

Teaching Experience: This past term I taught a section of MATH 105, Integral Calculus.

Last term I was a workshop TA for MATH 180 and 184 (Differential Calculus).  For more information about the workshops, click here.

My prior experience as a teacher and TA includes:
Academic Activities: Past conferences I have been to include