Curriculum Vita

Name  Christoph Hauert
Citizenship  Swiss
Date of Birth  November 27th, 1967
Marital status  Married
Children Julia Noëmie, September 26th, 1999
Address  Mathematics Department
University of British Columbia
1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2
Phone  (604) 827 5822
Fax  (604) 822 6074


since July 2011 Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
since July 2009 Associate Faculty, Zoology Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
July 2008 -
June 2011
Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
October 2004 -
June 2008
Research Associate with Martin Nowak, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Harvard University.
May 2002 -
September 2004
Post-doctoral fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) on Mechanisms of Cooperation: games in different geometries in collaboration with Michael Doebeli .
March 2000 - 
April 2002
Post-doctoral fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) on Cooperation in biological, social and economic context in collaboration with Karl Sigmund .
November 1998 -
October 1999 
Postdoctoral position of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) on Control of Avalanche Distributions in Systems Exhibiting Self-organized Criticality
November 18, 1998 Doctoral degree in theoretical physics with Magna cum Laude.
Title of thesis: Evolution of Cooperation, The Prisoner's Dilemma and its Applications as an Example.
Supervisor: Heinz-Georg Schuster. 
July 1998  Participation in the ReefCheck 1998 on Angaga Island, Ari Atoll, Maldives. 
June 1997  Summer School on Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute, USA. 
1996 -1998  Worked on my PhD thesis in Game Theory including the following major topics: Master-Equations, Markov-Chains, Monte-Carlo-Methods, optimization problems in a rugged fitness landscape, cellular automata, spatially extended systems. 
April 1996  Registered at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany. 
April 1995 -
March 1996 
Administrator of the computer system at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Bern. Research work on a generalization of the Prisoner's Dilemma to an arbitrary number of players with different memory sizes. 
Winter 1994/95  Travelling through Australia gaining insights and experiences in zoological field research projects as a volunteer. 
October 27, 1994  Masters degree in theoretical physics.
Title of thesis: Numerical Simulations of Collisions and Decays in an Expanding Hadron Gas.
Supervisor: Hans Bebie. 
1989 - 1994  Student in theoretical physics at the University of Bern , Switzerland. Minor subjects: chemistry (1991) and mathematics (1992). 
1989  Military service. 
1984 - 1988  High School in Bern-Kirchenfeld. Graduation type C (natural sciences). 
1983 - 1984  Preparatory year for high school at the Feusi Schule in Bern. 
1974 - 1983  Rudolf Steiner School in Bern and Ittigen. 


Operating Systems  Sound knowledge of UNIX (Mach, BSD 4.3, SunOS4.1.3, Solaris 2.4) and DOS, Windows 3.11, 95, NT as well as administration of heterogenous computer networks. 
Programming  C, Objective-C, NeXTstep/OPENSTEP, Java, Mathematica, MS-Access, MS-Excel. 
Languages  German: mother tongue
English: oral and written very good
French: oral and written very good 
Techniques  Modelling, Numerics, Monte-Carlo-Simulations. 


Interests  Computer simulations and models of complex systems with applications in physics, biology and medicine. Evolutionary Game Theory and Dynamics of nonlinear and complex systems.
Flora and fauna - in particular their adaption to the ever changing environment. 
Activities  Literature, philosophy, discussions, travelling, people and cultures, sports (badminton, hiking, scuba diving, motorbike riding). 

Monday, October 3, 2011 Christoph Hauert.