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  1. What makes a leader? Clues from the animal kingdom (November 6, 2015) on EurekAlert!,, ScienceDaily, Dicovery News, News United, Examiner, Forbes.
    (full text pdf)

  2. Why world can't agree over climate change (2013) CNN (October 26).
    (video, 4:30 mins)

  3. Why We Don't Care About Saving Our Grandchildren From Climate Change (2013) Time (October 21).
    (full text pdf)

  4. Psychologie: Schneller Profit schlägt Weltrettung (2013) Der Spiegel (October 21).
    English title: 'Psychology: quick-profits beat save-the-world'.
    (full text pdf - German)

  5. So gering ist die Bereitschaft, Gewinne aufzugeben (2013) Berliner Morgenpost (October 21).
    English title: 'On the small willingness to forfeit profit'.
    (full text pdf - German)

  6. Interacting Mutations Promote Diversity (2012) Science Daily (June 28).

  7. Wechselwirkende Mutationen fördern Vielfalt (2012) (June 29).
    English title: 'Interacting Mutations Promote Diversity'.

  8. Angst vor Bloßstellung fordert den Gemeinsinn (2011) Focus (June 14).
    English title: 'The fear from exposure demands public spirit'.
    (full text pdf - German)

  9. Shame and Honor Work (2011) Science Editor's Choice by Laura M. Zahn (June 10).
    (full text pdf)

  10. Furcht vor öffentlicher Demütigung fördert Gemeinsinn (2011) Max-Planck-Institue Press Release (June 10).
    English title: 'The fear from public humiliation encourages public spirit'.
    (full text pdf - German)

  11. Carrot or Stick? Both Work to Spur Cooperation (2011) LiveScience by Stephanie Pappas (June 2).
    (full text pdf)

  12. Shame and honour increase cooperation (2011) UBC Press Release by Brian Lin (June 1).
    (full text pdf)

  13. Who should pay for the police? (2010) Nature by Philip Ball (July 14).
    (full text pdf)

  14. Keine Kohle für "Kops" (2010) Der Standard by Peter Illetschko (July 15).
    This article 'No pay for "Kops"' appeared in an Austrian newspaper.
    (full text pdf - german)

  15. Spontane Strategiewechsel machen Kooperation erfolgreich (2009) innovations report by Christina Beck (January 12).
    This article 'Spontaneous changes of strategies promote cooperation' appeared in the German forum for Science, Industry and Economics.
    (full text pdf)

  16. Cultural Evolution Not the Same as Biological Evolution (2009) Wired Science by Brandon Keim (January 5).
    (full text pdf)

  17. Why sadists are so useful (2007) Times Online by Terence Kealey (July 30).
    (full text pdf)

  18. Free Choice + Punishment = Cooperation (2007) ScienceNews 172 by Julie J. Rehmeyer (July 14).
    (full text pdf)

  19. Kooperatives Verhalten erzwingen (2007) Neue Zürcher Zeitung by George Szpiro (July 4).
    This article 'Enforcing cooperative behavior' appeared in the science section of a Swiss newspaper.
    (full text pdf - German)

  20. Хата с краю (2007) SmartMoney by M. Popov (July 2).
    This article appeared in a Russian economics journal.
    (full text pdf - Russian)

  21. Freiwillige Kooperation funktioniert besser (2007) ORF online (June 28).
    This article 'Voluntary cooperation works better' is published in the science section of the Austrian national broadcasting company (ORF).
    (full text pdf - German)

  22. The Roots Of Punishment (2007) Scientific American by Nikhil Swaminathan (June 29).
    (full text pdf, portuguese (brazilian))

  23. Sauer auf Trittbrettfahrer (2007) Der Standard by Peter Illetschko (June 29).
    This article 'Angry about free-riders' appeared in an Austrian newspaper.
    (full text pdf - German)

  24. Spieltheorie: Freiwilligkeit und Strafsystem (2007) Die Presse by tk (June 29).
    This article 'Game theory: Volunteering and Punishment' appeared in an Austrian newspaper.
    (full text pdf - German)

  25. A Narrow Road to Cooperation (2007) Perspectives in Science 316, 1858-1859 by Boyd, R. & Mathew, S. (June 29).
    (full text pdf)

  26. The Science Podcast (2007) Interview with Karl Sigmund on how costly punishment can evolve in cooperative institutions by Stewart Wills (June 29).
    (mp3 audio, pdf transcript)

  27. Form follows function: the architecture of complex networks (2006) Molecular Systems Biology 2 42 by Guimerà, R. & Sales-Pardo, M.
    (full text pdf)

  28. Geschlechterkampf gerät ins Stocken (2006) Die Welt by Antonia Rötger (September 23)
    This article 'The battle of the sexes stagnates' appeared in a national German newspaper
    (full text pdf - German)

  29. Web Watch: VirtualLabs (2006) Physics Today by Charles Day (January)

  30. When Laziness Pays: Math explains how cooperation and cheating evolve (2005) ScienceNews 167 (3) 35 by Erika Klarreich (January 15)

  31. Warum einige immer abräumen und andere ständig draufzahlen (2004) Die Welt (November 22) by Ranty Islam.
    This article '
    Why some always scoop the market and others persistently overpay' appeared in a German national newspaper.
    (full text pdf - German)

  32. Egoismo e altruismo, sempre in equilibrio (2004) Il Corriere della Sera (October 31) by Massimo Piattelli Palmarini.
    This article 'Egoisms and altruisms, always in equilibrium' appeared in a national Italian newspaper
    (full text pdf - Italian)

  33. Generous Players (2004) ScienceNews 166 (4) 58-60 by Erika Klarreich (July 24)

  34. Warum einander helfen? (2004) NZZ (May 26) by George Szpiro.
    This article 'Why help?' appeared in a Swiss national newspaper
    (full text pdf - German)

  35. Selbstlose Helfer setzen sich durch (2004) Die Welt (April 14)
    This article 'Altruistic individuals prevail' appeared in a German national newspaper
    (full text pdf - German).

  36. Was hab' ich denn davon? (2004) wissenschaft-online (April 7).
    This article 'What's in for me?' appeared on a German science portal
    (full text pdf - German).

  37. Cooperate with thy neighbour (2004) News & Views in Nature 428 by Taylor, P. D. & Day, T. (April 8)
    (full text pdf).

  38. Aussteiger fördern die Kooperation (2003) Telepolis (September 26).
    This article 'Opting out promotes cooperation' appeared in a German on-line journal and discusses the experimental verification of our theoretical predictions
    (full text pdf - German).

  39. Festkörperphysik: Kooperation siegt über Kampf (2003) P.M. Magazin (March).
    This article 'Solid state physics: cooperation wins over combat' appeared in the on-line section of a German popular science journal
    (full text pdf - German).

  40. Quand la solitude sauve le bien public (2003) La Recherche (January).
    This article 'When lone wolves save the public goods' appeared in a popular French science journal.

  41. The good, the bad and the lonely (2002) News & Views in Nature 419 by Michor, F. & Nowak, M. A. (October 17)
    (full text pdf).

  42. Wie der Computer so der Mensch? (2002) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (September 18).
    This article 'Do humans act as the computer predicts?' appeared in a national German newspaper
    (full text pdf - German).

  43. Austrian of the moment (2002) .Copy 08, Zukunftsmagazin von Telekom Austria (Oktober)
    This note appeared in an Austrian magazine - being Austrian for a moment was an amusing experience
    (full text pdf - German)

  44. Festkörperphysik "erklärt" menschliche Kooperation (2002) ORF online (September 17).
    This article 'Solid state physics "explains" human cooperation' is published in the science section of the Austrian national broadcasting company (ORF)
    (full text pdf - German).

  45. Die Macht der Einzelgänger (2002) wissenschaft-online (September 12).
    This article 'The power of lone wolves' appeared on a German science portal
    (full text pdf - German).

  46. The physics of loners (2002) Phys. Rev. Focus by J. R. Minkel (September 3)
    (full text pdf).

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