Halyun Jeong

University of British Columbia
Email: hajeong@math.ubc.ca

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the mathematics department and the data science institute at UBC. My research mentors are Professor Michael Friedlander , Yaniv Plan , and Ozgur Yilmaz .


My research interests span a variety of topics related to mathematical signal processing including information theory and analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion. I have worked on nonlinear signal recovery problems concerning phase retrieval and quantization of phaseless measurements, and spectral analysis of a randomized A/D conversion algorithm that eliminates spectral artifacts


  • Halyun Jeong, Xiaowei Li, Yaniv Plan and Ozgur Yilmaz, Non-Gaussian Random Matrices on Sets: Optimal Tail Dependence and Applications, SampTA2019
  • Y. Sun, H. Jeong, J. Nutini, M. Schmidt, Are we there yet? Manifold identification of gradient-related proximal methods. AISTATS 2019 link
  • Halyun Jeong and C. Sinan Güntürk, Convergence of the randomized Kaczmarz method for phase retrieval, Preprint (2017).
  • Halyun Jeong, Thang Huynh, and C. Sinan Güntürk, Distributed noise-shaping quantization for phase retrieval, In preparation.
  • Halyun Jeong, Spectral analysis of ΣΔ modulation with dithering, In preparation.
  • Halyun Jeong and Young-Han Kim, Sparse linear representation , Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) - volume 1, 2009, pp. 329–333 arXiv: 0905.1990

  • Teaching at UBC

    Winter 2018 Term 2: Math221 (Matrix algebra)

    Winter 2018 Term 1: Math307 (Applied linear algebra)

    Winter 2017 Term 1: Math307 (Applied linear algebra)

    Teaching at NYU

    Fall 2016: Calculus 1 recitation

    Fall 2015: Honors III (Fourier analysis) recitation

    Fall 2014: Algebra and Calculus (Precalculus) recitation