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The University of British Columbia
Mathematics department, Office MATX 1110
1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 1Z2
+1 604-822-6754

Claire Guerrier, Ph.D

Postdoctoral fellow in the math department at UBC
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computational Biology under the supervision of Pr. D. Holcman.
Former student of École Normale Supérieure de Cachan.
Agrégée in Mathematics.

I am an applied mathematician working in theoretical modelling in neuroscience.
What please me the most in Mathematics is probably to understand how objects are working together. My preference goes most of the time to the constructive proofs of theorems. When I decided to work in neuroscience, I was motivated by the same idea: to use modelling and simulations to understand what are the key factors governing the phenomena observed experimentally. For this purpose, I develop mathematical models for neuronal structures to answer fundamental questions in neuroscience.

Postdoctoral study at the University of British Columbia.
2016 -, under the supervision of Dan Coombs and Kurt Haas, in the mathematics department and the Brain Research Center.
Experience-driven neural encoding
Modeling calcium dynamic in Xenopus tadpoles brain neurons in response to controlled visual stimuli, to study their impact on the growing and the morphology of the neurons. The final goal is to better understand how neurons process information, and improve or shift their encoding in response to experience.
PhD at École Normale Supérieure and Université Paris VI.
2011 - 2015, under the supervision of David Holcman, in the group Applied Mathematics and Computational Biology.
Multi-scale modeling and asymptotic analysis for neuronal synapses and networks.
Development and analysis of mathematical models, to determine how the properties of synapses at the molecular level shape their activity and propagate to the network level. I use several tools such as partial differential equations, stochastic processes and numerical simulations.
Master Thesis in the Biology Institute in École Normale Supérieure.
March-sept. 2011, under the supervision of David Holcman.
Emergence of spontaneous rhythmic patterns in the pre-Bötzinger Complex.
Building of a neuronal network model, that reproduces the oscillatory patterns observed in the pre-Bötzinger Complex, the neuronal network responsible for breathing at rest in mammals. This model predicts that oscillations that emerge at the network level are driven by synaptic properties of individual neurons.
Internship in the Biotechnology and Applied Pharmacology Institute of ENS Cachan (LBPA).
June-july 2008, under the supervision of Marc Le Bret.
The conformal changes of proteins.
IComparison of different methods to determine the reaction path, in order to build an algorithm of lowest-energy that predicts the different conformations of a protein during a chemical reaction.

Fellowship from Fyssen foundation 2016
Funding for a two years postdoctoral position.
Fellowship from Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale 2015
Funding “Fin de thèse”, 12 months.
Fellowship from Labex MemoLife 2014
IBENS Funding, 4 months.
Award Elsevier-AFFDU 2014.

Master at Université Paris VI.
2010-2011, Master of Science and Technology, in Applied Mathematics and Modeling.
Agrégation in Mathematics.
2009-2010, Teaching competitive exam.
Student at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan.
2007-2011, Licence and Master with Unversité Paris VII and Université Paris VI.
Student in Classes Préparatoires.
2005-2007, Competitive French Class in Mathematics and Physics.

  • Facultad de Ciencas Exactas y Naturales , Universidad Nacional de CUYO, Mendoza, Argentina October 2016.
    Talk: Multi-scale modeling and simulations to compute the time distribution of vesicular release at neuronal synapses.
  • Seminar of Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné, Mathematics and interactions , Université Nice-Sopha Antipolis, Nice, France May 2016.
    Talk: Mathematical modeling and multiscale simulations for vesicular release at neuronal synapses.
  • Conference "Les probabilités de demain", Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Bures-sur-Yvette, France May 2016.
    Talk: Asymptotic analysis for vesicular release at neuronal synapses
  • International Workshop on Brownian Motion in Confined Geometries, Max-Planck Institute für Physik Komplexer Systeme, Dresden. March 2014.
    Poster: Diffusion in the confined pre-synaptic terminal.
  • International Workshop on Cell Membranes, Institut Curie, Paris. March 2014.
    Poster: Emergence of spontaneous rythmic patterns in the pre-Bötzinger Complex.
  • IBENS Internal Seminar , École Normale Supérieure, Paris. May 2012.
    Poster: Emergence of spontaneous rhythmic patterns in neural networks.

Tutoring in Mathematics in Paris VI.
  • Series and Integrals.
  • Differential equations: theory and numerical approximations.
Oral Examination in Classes Preparatoires.
2010-2012, Mathematics for Biology and Engineering.
Tutoring in Mathematics in IUT d'Orsay.
2009-2010, Mathematics for Computer Science.