Student Workshop on Tate's thesis, August 24-26, 2011

Organizational matters:

The goals and format:

Our goal is, as in the famous thesis of J. Tate, to prove the analytic contunuation and functional equation for Hecke L-fucntions (the L-functions attached to Grossencharacters). Tate's thesis remains our main reference. We plan to have three intensive days of meetings, with roughly four hours of talks (by the student participants) each day. Below is the approximate list (subject to change) of specific topics and speakers.


Some familiarity with the classical Dirichlet L-functions, and with the concept of a number field and local field. Participation in the summer student seminar on L-functions would have been an excellent preparation. If you did not participate in this seminar, please familiarize yourself somewhat with the topics covered there. Other prerequisites, such as adeles and ideles, will be covered in the first day of talks.


Suggested schedule (all times except 10am are very approximate, all talks in MATH 126):

Comments on this suggested schedule are welcome!
  • Wednesday August 24:
  • Thursday August 25:
  • Friday August 26:

    Approximate list of topics and sources:

    (if the topic has been claimed, the tentative speaker's name appears in parentheses after the description).