Working Seminar on Geometrization

Tuesdays, 12:30 -- 2pm, in MATX 1102
Organizers: Masoud Kamgarpour , Bill Casselman , Lior Silberman , Julia Gordon.

From the first announcement: "The goal is to study Etale Cohomology, with the hope to understand Grothendieck's sheaf-function dictionary, Lefschetz fixed point formula, and perhaps the idea of the proof of Weil conjectures by Deligne (though this is unlikely to be included in the seminar itself). The basic idea is that one can express functions on all kinds of spaces (e.g., those arising in number theory), by means of geometry. Thus, etale cohomology has wide applications in algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry, number theory, and representation theory of finite and p-adic groups (eg., character theory of finite groups of Lie type is stated entirely in these terms), and automorphic forms. For example, automorphic sheaves are the sheaf-theoretic analogues of automorphic functions, via this sheaf-function dictionary, and are important in the formulation of the geometric Langlands conjectures."

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