MATH 534: Lie groups.

Instructor: Julia Gordon.
Where: Math building, Room 225
When: MWF 1-2pm.
My office: Math 217.

e-mail: gor at math dot ubc dot ca

The textbook: Onischik and Vinberg, "Lie groups and algebraic groups".


(Please note the room changes! We got kicked out of MATX 1102!)

Homework assignments

  • Problem Set 1 (Due Fri Sept 14)
  • Problem Set 2 (Due Wednesday Sept 26)
  • Problem set 3 (Due Wednesday Oct 10)
  • Problem Set 4 (Due Monday October 22) (a confusing typo in problem 1 is now corrected). Another correction: in problem 2(b), we need to assume n>2.
  • Problem Set 5 (Due Fri Nov 2)
  • Problem Set 6 (Due Mon Nov 19)
  • Final assignment

  • Lecture Notes.