Course mark will be based on the homework (20%), one midterm and the final exam. The midterm and final scores will be weighted at 5%-75% or 35%-45%, whichever gives you a better mark. The lowest homework score will be dropped. Late homework will not be accepted.
Missed final: If for any reason you have to miss the final exam, it is the university-wide policy that you need to apply for "standing deferred" status through your faculty. Missed finals are not handled by me or the Mathematics Department.

A word on academic integrity: You are allowed to collaborate on homework, but it is definitely not acceptable to copy someone's solution, or to ask for a solution without having tried the problem yourself. If you are inclined to collaborate, it is best to work on the problems alone at first, develop some ideas and questions, and only then discuss them; after that, you are responsible for writing all the solutions in your own words (you should do the final write-up on your own). Whether you collaborate or not, you have to turn in your own assignment, with the solution to every problem written by yourself in your own words, expressing your own understanding of each problem. Identical solutions will be noticed, and treated as cheating, by the university's standards (that is, will have very serious consequences). I hope no-one needs reminders about cheating in exams. If copying or "collaboration" occurs during a test, it will be taken very seriously.