MATH 323. Rings and Modules.

Text: Dummit and Foote, "Abstract Algebra".

Section 101, Instructor: Julia Gordon.

Where: Chemistry building, Room D300.
When: Tue, Th 2-3:30pm.
My office: Math 217.
e-mail: gor at math dot ubc dot ca
Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm, and by appointment.


Review materials for the final exam


There will be weekly homework assignments, posted here every Wednesday, and due the following Thursday.
  • Problem set 1 (due Thursday January 10):
  • Problem Set 2 (due Thursday Jan. 17). Solutions
  • Problem Set 3 (due Thursday Jan. 24). Solutions
  • Problem Set 4 (due Thursday Jan. 31). Solutions .
  • Problem set 5:
  • Problem Set 6 (due Tuesday Feb. 26). Solutions.
  • Problem Set 7 (Due Tuesday March 5):
  • Problem Set 8 (Due Thursday March 14):
  • Problem set 9 (due Thursday March 22). Solutions .
  • Propblem set 10, part 1 (due Tuesday April 2). Part 2 (about modules over polynomial rings, and matrices) will be posted later this week, after we cover some of this material in lecture, and will be not for handing in.
  • The last set of suggested problems (the "Part 2", not to be handed in):

    Detailed Course outline

    Short descriptions of each lecture and relevant references will be posted here as we progress.