MATH 220: Mathematical Proof, Winter term II, 2015/2016.

Text: Mathematical proofs, a transition to advanced mathematics, by G. Chartland, A. Polimeni, P. Zhang, Second or third edition.

Individual Sections:

Course outline

The main aim of the course is to learn how write clear and correct mathematical proofs. In particular, this involves learning some of the language of mathematics, and also honing your precise reasoning skills. This course provides the gateway to more advanced mathematics. Tentatively, the course will cover the following topics: (chapter numbers refer to the textbook).

Midterm 1 locations:

Midterm 1 will take place on Friday February 5, 5:15-6:45pm, at the following locations (by Section number):
  • Section 201 (Prof. Julia Gordon) MCML 166. map .
  • Sections 202 and 204 (Prof. Mahta Khosravi) WESB 100. map
  • Section 203 (Prof. Maxime Bergeron) CHEM B 150. map.
If you have a valid conflict with the midterm time and have not yet received an email from Julia Gordon about the alternate midterm, please e-mail: gor "at" .

Homework and quizzes

The Homework assignments:


Review materials for Midterm 1

Marking scheme and course policies