MATH 220: Mathematical Proof, Section 105, Winter term I, 2016/2017.

Homework and quizzes


Office hours after the end of class, and review:
  • CANCELLED BECAUSE OF THE SNOW: the planned office hours Monday December 19 5-7pm are cancelled, but I will be available on skype 4-6pm, my skype name is julygord1.
  • NEW: last-minute office hours Tuesday (the day of the exam), 11am-1pm.
  • Review session Friday December 16, 1-3pm, in GEOG 212
    We will go over some problems (based on your requests) from old final exams, which can be found at Math Dept website (In these exams, ignore problems about limits of sequences, and problems about "graphs" (which inlcude problems about cities connected by roads/airlines, etc. from last year's Term 2).
    Notes from the review session (with thanks to Caitlin!)

Review materials for the final exam

Some old midterms with solutions, for practice

  • An old midterm 1 with solutions
  • Midterm 1 from 2010 ; Solutions
  • Midterm 1 from 2012
  • Midterm 2 from last year with solutions . (has good problems about sets and functions).
  • Please see also the review materials for the midterm (below) and the notes posted at the corresponding lecture descriptions.

    Review materials for the midterm

    The Pre-reading assignments and lecture plans: