Please note: this web page is from a past edition of MATH 101. Make sure you go to the current MATH 101 web page to get the proper information.

List of MATH 101 sections

Section Instructor Time Location
Section 201 Joel Feldman MWF 9:00–9:50 AM Chemistry (CHEM) B250
Section 202 Balin Fleming MWF 10:00–10:50 AM Buchanan (BUCH) A103
Section 203 Balin Fleming MWF noon–12:50 PM L.S. Klinck (LSK) 201
Section 205 Wang Hung (Simon) Tse MWF 2:00–2:50 PM Buchanan (BUCH) A101
Section 206 Lior Silberman MWF 2:00–2:50 PM Mathematics (MATH) 100
Section 207 Wang Hung (Simon) Tse MWF 4:00–4:50 PM Buchanan (BUCH) A102
Section 209 Ian Frigaard TTh 9:30–10:50 AM Mathematics (MATH) 100
Section 210 Hexi Ye TTh 9:30–10:50 AM Buchanan (BUCH) A104
Section 211 Greg Martin MWF 3:00–3:50 PM Woodward (WOOD) 2
Section 213 Tongseok Lim MWF noon–12:50 PM Buchanan (BUCH) A201

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