MATH 101, Section 211

This is the web page for Section 211 of MATH 101. The course home page contains information relevant to all of the sections of MATH 101 this semester; please make sure you know all of the information available there.

Lectures for Section 211: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 3:00–3:50 PM, room WOOD 2 (Woodward building)

The MATH 101 final examination will be on Friday, April 21, from noon–2:30 PM. Our section will be in the Robert F. Osborne Centre, room A.

We will be using clickers in our section, although only as a learning tool, not as part of your grade. You are required to have a clicker and bring it with you to every class. Information on how to use your clicker is on the UBC web site. The clicker questions from class will be posted below, for you to refer to later in the semester.

Remaining office hours:

During my office hour times, my #1 priority is helping you with calculus! Definitely feel free to come by for all or part of my office hours; I will answer as many questions as I can. Think about the problems first, of course; but if you get stuck somewhere, that's an opportunity for a great learning moment, and I will be happy to help you get unstuck and progress forward.

For any mathematical questions you may have outside of office hours concerning MATH 101, please use Piazza, instead of by email; I will simply direct math questions to Piazza in my reply to any such emails, so it's quicker to go there first. If you have logistical questions or questions about your status within the course as a whole, you may also ask me via Piazza (you can post questions privately to me), or you can also email me if necessary. Don't forget about all the other helpful resources and helpful people available to you for this course.

Announcements and clicker questions from lectures (posted after each class):

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