Course info:

M-W-F 11:00-12:00, LSK room 201.

Office Hours:
Drop-in hours are Monday and Wednesday from 9:00-10:00, room MATX 1102. Meetings outside these hours can also be arranged, email me to reserve a time beforehand. If you expect to
need more than 15 minutes, please make an appointment.

The main website for the class can be found here. Please make sure you read all of it!

Midterm 1: October 7 (please go to the main website to read all the instructions). Room BUCH A 101.
Midterm 2: Novemeber 4th, Room BUCH A 101.

Remarking requests:

If you feel that a midterm is incorrectly marked, you can appeal that mark by writing a note that details your concern, attaching it to the assignment, and resubmitting it to the instructor within two days of the return of the marked assignment. The note should include a summary of what you feel was incorrectly evaluated with some justification of the claim. Remarking requests outside the 2 day period won't be accepted.