MATH 302 - Introduction to Probability (Winter term 2, 2015)

Lectures: Mon Wed Fri 11:00 - 12:00
LSK 201
Instructor: Eric Fusy
fusy ∞
Office hours: Mon 15:00-16:30 Fri 13:30-15:00 in LSK300B
Discussion board: On Piazza (access here)
Textbook: "Introduction to probability" (2nd revised edition) by Grinstead and Snell, can be found at the bookstore and electronically here
Course Outline: You can find a course syllabus here.
  1. Sample spaces, events, axioms of probability
  2. Some elementary combinatorics. Combinations and permutations
  3. Conditional probabilities, independence and Bayes Formula
  4. Discrete random variables, expectation and variance
  5. Continuous probability densities, continuous random variables, expectation and variance
  6. Joint distributions, marginal distributions and conditional distributions
  7. Sums of random variables, generating functions for random variables
  8. Limit Theorems: weak law of large numbers, central limit theorem
Summary: Here is a file (updated every week) summarizing what we have seen, with pointers to the textbook.
Evaluation: 15% homework (single lowest mark is dropped)
35% midterm in class, on Wed. February 24th;
50% final exam in april, date, time and place TBA.
Policy on missed course work is in the syllabus.