current courses

I am the main instructor for the MATH 101 course for Vantage College. The course webpage is here. The course webpage for the prerequisite course, MATH 100, may be found in the section below.

I am one of five instructors for VANT 148, a research course at Vantage College. The course webpage for my section is here.

past courses

Assignments and exams from some of the undergraduate courses I've taught at UBC are below. Information about past graduate courses is available on demand.

2014-2015: MATH 100(V)
2013-2014: Science One
2012-2013: MATH 110, Science One
2011-2012: MATH 110, Science One
2010-2011: MATH 110, Science One
2009-2010: MATH 110, Science One

past students

If you are a former student of mine, I'd love to know what you're up to. Drop me a line; my contact information is at the top of the main page. My primary office, MATH 236, is on the second floor of the Mathematics Building.