Information about UBC/UMC, the undergraduate mathematics colloquium, may be found here.

The website for the Mathematics Department's TA Accreditation Program (TAAP) is here.

On of the requirements for accreditation in the TAAP is to participate in an Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). These are offered by the Mathematics Department, as well as by CTLT. The website for the Mathematics Department's ISWs is here.

The Lunch Series for Teaching & Learning is a new forum for faculty, post-docs and grad students interested in teaching. It meets every few weeks to have lunch and discuss some aspect of teaching undergraduate math. For more information, email me.

I am on the editorial board of Pi in the Sky, a semi-annual mathematics magazine aimed at high school and undergraduate students. It frequently publishes good articles by young, first-time authors. If you are interested in submitting, contact me.

A schedule of all events in the Mathematics Department may be found here.