MATH 180
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This is the course webpage for students in section 101 of MATH 180.

course outline, schedule and office hours

The course outline is here. This important document contains contact information for the teaching team, information about office hours and a weekly schedule of topics.

announcements and grades

The grade sheet for the course will be posted here.

assignments, quizzes and exams

Assignment 2 is due before the start of class on Monday, September 25. One part of the assignment is on WeBWorK; the class name is MATH180-101_2017W1.

The second part of the assignment is here. Written solutions must be typed. You may use any typesetting program for the first two assignments, but by the third assignment, you must use LaTeX. You can use this system online, on platforms such as Overleaf or ShareLaTeX. To help you get started, here is a copy of the source code for the assignment itself, which you can copy and paste into Overleaf or ShareLaTeX. You are welcome to post questions about LaTeX in Piazza or ask in office hours, but you may also find these resources helpful.

Quiz 2 will be on Monday, September 25. The question will be similar to one of the following questions from the WeBWorK part of Assignment 2: 5, 9, 10, 17, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29.

Assignment 3 is due on Monday, October 2.

Outlines of written assignment solutions will be posted here: 1. These are outlines of solutions, not "answer keys". Problems generally have many solutions, and these outlines present only one.


Document camera notes from the lectures will be posted here: September 6, September 11, September 18.

You are encouraged to post and answer questions on Piazza, an online forum with a page dedicated to students in this course. You can sign up here. You are welcome to use a throwaway email account to sign up if you have concerns about Piazza's privacy policy.

There are a number of free online textbooks which you may find helpful. The best is the CLP textbook, written by three faculty UBC Mathematics faculty members. It may be downloaded here. Virtually any differential calculus textbook will be a helpful resource.

In addition to the office hours posted on the course outline, drop-in help is available for all first-year students at the Math Learning Centre (MLC) in LSK 301/302.

You are encouraged to post and answer questions on Piazza, an online forum with a page dedicated to students in this section.