Mathematics 317, Section 202

Advanced Calculus II

Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Math courses University of British Columbia

Prerequisites: Math 200. Math 221 is recommended.


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  1. Curves (§14):
        curves, velocity, acceleration, arc length.
         Exclude curvature, normal and binormal vectors, tangential and normal components of acceleration and Kepler's laws.
  2. Vector Fields and Line Integrals (§17.1, 17.2, 17.3):
        vector fields, field lines (not covered well in the text), conservative fields, line integrals.
  3. Surface integrals (§17.6, 17.7):
        surfaces, tangent planes (also review the subsection of §15.4 entitled "Tangent Planes" and the subsection of §15.6 entitled "Tangent Planes to Level Surfaces"), flux integrals, surface area.
  4. Integral Theorems (§17.5, 17.9, 17.4, 17.8):
         gradient, divergence and curl (also review the subsection of §15.6 entitled "Significance of the Gradient Vector"), divergence theorem, Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, applications.