Using figPac figures in TeX documents
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Using figPac figures in TeX documents

figPac figures may be inserted in TeX documents. Follow these steps. Here is a sample TeX file containing two figures, named "anomalous" and "Si2A". For this example, it is assumed that the files, anomalous.lbl, and Si2A.lbl are contained in the subdirectory fig of the directory that contains the TeX file.
\input figMac

%%%%%% This paragraph uses \figput{<figure name>} to put a figure in the
%%%%%% centre of an otherwise blank line.

One such diagram that they considered explicitly was


They concluded that such diagrams vanish if one holds the
spatial volume fixed and finite and takes ....

%%%%%% This paragraph contains a figure embedded in text. This time we
%%%%%% use \figplace{<figure name>}{<horizontal shift>}{<vertical shift>}
%%%%%% to allow ourselves to fine tune the positioning of the figure.

We first review their argument, using $\Omega_{2A}$ as an 
illustration. Denote by $\Sigma_{2A}(k)$ the unrenormalized value of  
\figplace{Si2A}{0 in}{-0.05 in}.
 We are assuming that the interaction $\left<k_1,k_2|{\rm V}|k_3,k_4\right>$ 
is given by a two--body potential $u(k_1-k_3)$ so that $\Sigma_{2A}$ 
is independent of $k_0$. 
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