Introduction to the Figure Package

Introduction to the Package figPac

This package provides a library of Java routines for drawing figures to screen and/or to PostScript. A figure is to be thought of as a sequence of figure elements. Technically, a figure element is any instance of any class that implements the interface fElement. I use the convention that these classes all have names starting with a lower case f (standing for figure) followed by a capital letter. Most figure elements will be lines, polygons, arcs and so on. I have provided classes for the following standard figure elements. There is a second class of fElements for modifying the drawing environment and the coordinate system. Finally, there is the special fElement More introductory material is provided in and a number of examples are provided in

I have done a couple of things to reduce the number of keystrokes required in the preparation of Figures. One is prepare a "template" class called Template that has built in typical methods for displaying figures to screen and to Postscript file as well as a number of "shortform" methods and variables. See

Another is to create a crude "point and click" interface to figPac named figEdit.