Introduction to figEdit
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Introduction to figEdit

figEdit is a crude "point and click" interface to figPac. The user specifies the figure size, name and so on by typing them into text windows. Then the user builds up the figure by selecting various figure elements from a menu, possibly specifying various parameters for each figure element either by typing them into text windows or by moving sliders or by clicking on a point on the figure itself. Finally, the user saves the figure. This produces a .java file. If the figure name was myfig, the .java file will be named One may then compile using the command
If you want a PostScript version of the figure you would then execute myfig as an application using
    java myfig
If you want a screen image of the figure you would create an .html file named myfig.html and containing a line like
    <applet code="myfig.class" width=600 height=600></applet>
and execute
    appletviewer myfig.html &

To start figEdit, one issues the command

    java figPac.figEdit &
To save typing I use the alias
   alias figEdit 'java figPac.figEdit \!* &'
on unix systems and a similar program named figEdit.bat on DOS systems. figEdit starts up by popping open a window that contains a large blank graphics screen in the upper left corner. Underneath the graphics screen there is a blank "help" text area and to the right there is a window, called the Setup window, containing a number of buttons and text input areas. All of the text input areas contain default values. The user edits the default values to specify the desired To save (or discard) the values of these parameters, click one of the buttons of the Setup window. You can later change the values of these setup parameters by selecting "Setup" from the "file" menu. This reopens the Setup window.

Now the user builds up the figure by adding figure elements. To do so, select a figure element from the "Append" menu. For example, to add a line segment, select "fLine". This opens an fOpen window where the Setup window used to be. Now just follow the instructions in the text window below the graphics screen. When you are done, save the figure by selecting "Save" from the "File" menu and quit by selecting "Quit" from the "file" menu.

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