Simple ODE Solvers

This demonstration illustrates some simple ODE solvers , namely Euler's method, the Improved Euler method and Runge-Kutta. All are applied to the initial value problem

  1. y'=1-t+4y
  2. y(0)=1
This equation is exactly soluble, so the exact solution is plotted in light gray. As well you may select the method you wish to apply by clicking the "Euler/Improved Euler/Runge-Kutta" button and you may also select the number of steps used. After doing so click on the "Apply" button. You may clear the screen by clicking the "Restart" button. You may also "Zoom" by clicking the left mouse button at any point on the graph. To return to the original scale, click the "Unzoom" button or click the right mouse button at any point on the graph.