Math 253 Multivariable Calculus
Winter 2012 Term 1 Section 103

Welcome to Math 253!

Important links:

  • Click here to login to Connect at UBC to view grades online.
  • Webwork. <- click on "MATH_253_101_2012W1"
  • Homework. (Assignments are also given below)

  • Written HW1. Due, Monday Sept 17th: 12.2 #42, 12.3 #56, 12.4 #50, 12.5 #78, 12.6 #46.
    Written HW2. Due, Monday Sept 24th: 12.5 #78, 12.6 #46, 14.1 #44,#46, #50, 14.2 #40.
    Written HW3. Due, Monday Oct 1st: 14.3 #74, #76, #88, 14.4 #1-6,#34, #40.
    There is no written HW due Monday Oct 8th. Instead study for the first midterm!
    Written HW4. Due, Monday Oct 15th: 14.5 # 46, 52, 56, 14.6: 52, 60.
    Written HW5. Due, Wednesday Oct 24th: 14.7 #42, #52, 14.8 #10, #12, #20, #28.
    Written HW6. Due, Monday Oct 29th: 14.8 #32, 15.2 #20, #22, #30.
    Written HW7. Due, Wednesday Nov 7th: 15.3 #32, #46, #48, #52 15.4 #10, #26, #38.
    There is no written HW due Monday Nov 12th. Instead study for the second midterm!
    Written HW8. Due, Wednesday Nov 21st: 15.5 #14, #16, 15.6 #10, #12, #24.
    Written HW9. Due, Wednesday Nov 28st: 15.7 #32, #34, 15.8 #24, #30 15.9 #30, #36.


  • Solutions to the final exam are posted here.

  • Students wishing to view their final exam must complete and submit a "Viewing of a Final Examination form" to the math department (see link below). All viewings must be scheduled during the month of January 2013.

    Students wishing to have their final exams re-marked must complete and submit a "Review of Assigned Standing Application" to UBC Enrolment Services (see link below). There is a $50 application fee associated to this process.

    Viewing of a Final Examination form.

    Review of Assigned Standing Application.
  • Study week Office hours/Review session schedule:
    Office hours in LSK 300:
    Wednesday, Dec 5, 1-2:30pm
    Tuesday, Dec 11, 1-2:30pm
    Thursday, Dec 13, 1-2:30pm
    or by appointment (please email me).

    Review/Problem Session in Math Annex 1100 1101:
    Friday, Dec 14th from 1-3pm.
    The lecture format will be question/answer so please bring questions to ask!

    Date: Monday, December 17
    Time: 8:30am - 11:30am
    Room: Math 100

  • Please note there is HW due Wednesday, Nov 21st.

  • Section 15.5 on Surface Area has been added to the Syllabus.

  • Solutions to Midterm 2 are posted here.

  • Bonus office hours this week will be held on Tuesday 12-2:30pm in LSK 300. No appointments needed.

  • Midterm 2 is on Wednesday, November 14 in class!
    The material covered is from Sections 14.5-14.8 and 15.1-15.4.
    Practice problems for Midterm 2 are posted here.

  • Please note that written HW 7 is due on Wednesday, Nov 7.

  • The due date for written HW5 has been moved to Wednesday, Oct 24th.

  • Solutions to Midterm 1 are posted here.

  • Bonus office hours this week will be held on Tuesday 10am-1pm in LSK 300C. No appointments needed.

  • Midterm 1 is on Wednesday, October 10 in class!
    The material covered is from Sections 12.1-12.6 and 14.1-14.4.
    Practice problems for midterm can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Pics of baby Emory Richmond.

  • New written HW policy: Written HW assignments are due by 5pm every Monday. If you do not turn in your HW in class, please drop off your HW assignment in the file cabinet outside of Math 225. There will be labeled folders to place your assignment starting with HW3.

  • Lecture notes for all topics are posted here.

  • The deadline for HW1 is now 5pm on Monday. If you are unable to turn in the HW in class, there will be a folder in a file cabinet outside of Math 225 in the mathematics building. This folder will be labeled:
    Section 103: HW HAND IN
    Please note that several sections of Math 253 are using the same file cabinet for the same purpose of handing in HW. Please place your HW in the correct folder! The folder will be there starting Monday morning.

  • The second written HW assignment is posted. This assignment is due in class on Mon, Sept 24.

  • The first written HW assignment is posted (under Week 2). This assignment is due in class on Monday, Sept 17.

  • Assignment 1 on Webwork is avaiable and due: Friday, Sept 14.

  • Assignment 0 on Webwork is due: Friday, Sept 7. (this will not be counted towards your grade)

  • Instructor Information

    Instructor: Edward Richmond
    Email: erichmond <<>> math <<>> ubc <<>> ca
    Office: LSK 126B
    Office hours: Wednesday 9-10am and Friday 1:30-3pm in LSK 300A.
    No appointment is needed to see me during my usual office hours. Please note that usual office hours are held in LSK 300A (not LSK 126B).

    If you would like to meet at another time, please email me and we can schedule an appointment.

    Grades and exams

    The student's grade will be determined by the higher of the following two schemes:

    Scheme 1

  • Webwork/Homework - 20%
  • Midterms - 30%
  • Final Exam - 50%

  • Scheme 2

  • Final exam grade minus 10 points.

  • Midterm dates: (Midterms are to be held in class)

  • Midterm 1: Wednesday, October 10.
  • Midterm 2: Wednesday, November 14.

  • Important notes:

  • All homeworks, midterms, and the final are the same across all sections.
  • The webwork assignments are to be completed online and will be due Fridays at 5:00 pm. For more details see HW/Webwork.
  • The HW assignments are to posted online and are due every week on Monday in class.
  • Scheme 2 above is meant to be your "safety net" --- for example if you do very poorly on one or two of the midterms for some reason, you can still get a good grade in the course by doing well on the final exam. Do not plan to use option 2!
  • Textbook and course content

    Math 253 is an introduction to Calculus in several variables. In this course we will study geometry in several variables, partial derivatives, multiple integrals and several applications.

    The textbook we will use is:
    Multivariable Calculus by James Stewart Edition 7e.

    Please visit Professor Bryan's (Section 101) website for a tentative course schedule.

    Listed below are the sections from the text that are covered:

    1. Vectors, quadratic surfaces (Sections 12.1-12.6)
    2. Partial derivatives, increments, chain rule (Sections 14.1-14.5)
    3. Directional derivative and Gradients (Section 14.6)
    4. Max/min, Lagrange multipliers (Sections 14.7 – 14.8)
    5. Double integrals (Sections 15.1-15.5)
    6. Triple integrals (Sections 15.7-15.8)