Welcome to Section 101 of the courses MATH 215 and MATH 255 on Ordinary Differential Equations! Please also regularly visit the common webpage for the course.



We meet in Mac Leod 202 (2356 Main Mall) on

The first lecture is on Sept. 4 and the last one on Nov. 29. We will finish 10 minutes to 9 so you can get to subsequent courses in time. 


We will follow J. Lebl's online textbook, which means you do not have to buy a textbook.


Midterms will be on Oct. 4 and Nov. 8. They will take place in class (so you will have 50 minutes time).
  • Solutions for Midterm 1
  • Solutions for Midterm 2

    In addition to your WebWork problems, which are due every Friday 8 a.m., you have to hand in written homework every Friday in class (except when there is a midterm). The first written homework is due on Sept. 13.


    You are most welcome to come to my office hours to discuss any questions about the course. You are also welcome to express criticism or suggest any improvements to the course. The office hours take place

    in room LSK 303C.

    Office hours start the second week of term, i.e. the first one takes place on Sept. 9. If you have a valid conflict that hinders you to come to my office hours at the dates announced, please write an e-mail to emil(at)math.ubc.ca for alternative arrangements.