We meet in Buchanan A103 on

The first lecture is on 6 September and the last one on 29 November. We will finish 10 minutes to 11 so you can get to subsequent courses in time. 


In-class 20 minute quizzes will be given on the following dates, all Tuesdays: Sep. 18, Sep. 25, Oct. 2, Oct. 16, Oct. 23, Oct. 30, Nov. 13, Nov. 20. Quizzes are worth 7.5% of your final grade; your worst quiz score will be ignored. Calculators are not allowed on quizzes. Quizzes will be based on the material in the WeBWorK assignment due the preceding Thursday and the corresponding suggested problems from the text.

Solutions to past quizzes:
Quiz 1 (average student performance: 7.18/10)
Quiz 2 (average: 7.98/10)
Quiz 3 (average: 7.12/10)
Midterm 1 average (in this section): 63.1%
Quiz 4 (average: 7.12/10)
Quiz 5 (average: 6.65/10)
Quiz 6 (average: 5.44/10)
Midterm 2 average (in this section): 69.6%
Quiz 7 (average: 7.36/10)
Quiz 8 (average: 5.21/10)

Missed Quizzes or Midterms: If a quiz is missed for a documented medical reason, it will be ignored, with other quizzes reweighted to compensate for the missed quiz. In the case of a missed midterm, permission to write a makeup midterm or reweighting of other course components may be granted in the following two circumstances: (a) prior notice of a valid conflict or absence on the scheduled date; or (b) notification to the instructor within 72 hours of absence due to medical condition. Original written documentation, for example a doctor’s note or letter from a coach, is required in all cases; otherwise, a score of 0 will be assigned for the missed quiz or midterm.


You are most welcome to come to my office hours to discuss any questions about the course. You are also welcome to express criticism or suggest any improvements to the course. The office hours take place

in room LSK 300B.

Enter via the north lobby entrance of the LSK building to locate this room. Go to the 3rd floor via stairwell or elevator and take two turns to the left.

Office hours start the second week of term, i.e. the first one takes place on Sept. 11. If you have a valid conflict that hinders you to come to my office hours at the dates announced, please write an e-mail to emil(at) for alternative arrangements.