Daniel Sheinbaum

University of British Columbia

I am a PhD student in the department of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia under the cosupervison of Dr. Alejandro Adem and Dr. Gordon W. Semenoff . I recently passed my candidacy examination.

Previously I did my MSc in Physics under Dr. Semenoff's supervision at PHAS , UBC. Here is my MSc Thesis , which has some physical misinterpretations, which were fixed in our paper.

Before that, I did my undergrad in mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences, UNAM , doing an undergrad thesis (written in spanish) on Simulations of boson-fermion stars in 3+1 numerical relativity , directed by Dr. Miguel Alcubierre.

I'm an academic descendant of John Archibald Wheeler and my Erdös number is 3.

My favourite mathematical physicists is Sir Roger Penrose . I've learned many things from the lectures and talks given at the Perimeter institute's PIRSA . I recommend this blog for interesting dicussions and good criticism about current physics and mathematics as well as relevant news in these fields.

Daniel Sheinbaum