UBC MATH110 Section 003

Instructor: Alejandra Herrera
Tu, Th 3:30pm - 5:00pm
LSK 200
Office Hours: Mon 4-5 pm and Wed 2-3 pm, Room: LSK300

Welcome to MATH 110, Section 003.

Contact: donaji (at) math (dot) ubc (dot) ca
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For asymptotes: File.

Guideline for graphs.

Quiz will be on Tuesday for all the following weeks

Related rates small review we did yesterday in class: here.

Last year midterm can be found here. IGNORE: question 4, 6(c), 7(c) and the part of inflection points in question 2. OUR EXAM will also include: Implicit differentiation, high order derivatives and related rates.

I'm writting a summary with tips for all the topics. It will be update as I work on it today.
Final version: Midterm help.

Wednesday office hours are now from 2pm to 3pm, LSK 300.


No assignment Week Jan 5-9.
Assignment 1 Solution
Assignment 2 Solution
Assignment 3 Solution
Assignment 4 Solution
Assignment 5 Solution
Assignment 6 Solution
Assignment 7 Solution
Assignment 8 Solution
Assignment 9 due on March 26th Solution
Assignment 10 due on April 1st


Quiz 1 solution
Quiz 2 Solution
Quiz 3 solution
Quiz 4 solution
Quiz 5 solution
Quiz 6 solution
Quiz 7 solution
Quiz 8
Quiz 9 solution