MATH 200-Section 103-Fall 2014


Instructor: Khoa D. Nguyen
Email: dknguyen at (or khoanguyen2511 at
Office hours: 5pm-6pm WTh at LSK 300C; or by email appointment.


Very important information:
- Course outline is here. Please read it very carefully.
- The
common page for all sections is here. It is password protected (read the course outline to learn how to access it). Please visit it regularly.

- Check the section “Announcements” below regularly.

- How to get the most out of the lectures: read ahead 1-2 sections before and review the notes after every lecture will help enormously.


Other useful information:
- Seek help early (instructors’ office hours, friends, Math Learning Centre,…), try not to fall behind since the material is cumulative.

- Do your best to minimize disruption during lectures.


Announcements, notes, practice questions, solutions,… will be posted below.

· Sep 3: access WeBWorK assignments here. First assignment due on Friday Sep 12 at 5:00pm.

· Sep 3: If you have a legitimate academic time conflict with the midterms, please email me asap with the following information: 1)Your name and student id; 2)Course number of the course that conflicts with the midterms.

· Sep 9: a new section called “Notes (that are not too useful)” is added below.


Notes (that are not too useful):

A couple of students said it would be helpful to upload notes here. I am not quite sure about this (read disclaimer below); anyway here they are.

Disclaimer: these are the handwritten notes intended for me when preparing lectures. These notes might look messy, contain questions without answers, and answers without explanation (these extra details are given in the lectures). Using these notes without going to lectures could actually do more harm than good.

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