Math 340 Assignment/Quiz/Exam Info

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Each week there will be either a quiz or an assignment (or a midterm), the details of which will be on this page. There will be a total of 5 quizzes and 5 assignments throughout the semester (with more quizzes at the beginning and more assignments towards the end).

For homework assignments, you may collaborate, but each person must write up their solutions independently in their own words. Two or more people turning in identical homework assignments are in violation of the UBC academic integrity code and will be given a 0. Late homeworks may not be accepted.

At the end of the semester, your lowest quiz grade and lowest homework grade will be dropped. This policy is intended to cover situations where you may miss a quiz or assignment for whatever reason, without you needing to come to me to ask for a concession. Beyond this, missed quizzes, assignments, or midterms will be given a 0 by default - the only exceptions to this are by instructor permission beforehand, or in the case of a medical emergency notifying me within 48 hours and presenting a doctor's note. In such cases there will be no make-up quiz or exams; your grade will be determined from your other work throughout the term.