Math 221 (Section 204): Matrix Algebra, Spring 2017

Lecture scheduleExam/Quiz info

Lecture: TTh 12:30-2:00, Leonard S. Klinck 200
Instructor: Dan Collins

Final exam information is on the exam page above. Tentative office hours during the exam period are as follows. (Check here again in case things change, and feel free to email me if you want to schedule something outside these times). All will be in LSK 300.

Since the MLC quiz return is closing, I'll have any remaining quizzes available for you to pick up from me, and/or I can give you your list of quiz grades through the semester (though this has to be done in person, not by email).

Additional help is available at the Math Learning Center

Textbook: Linear algebra and its applications, by David Lay (Third Custom Edition for UBC)

Homework: No homework will be collected. There are suggested problems listed on the quiz/exam page, however, and it's strongly suggested you work on them to learn the material and prepare for the quizzes and exams!

Grading: Grades in this class will be computed with the following weights: See the quiz/exam page for policies about missed quizzes/exams.