Math 320, Section 101
Real Analysis I, Assignments and Reading,
Provisional schedule

Date Reading Homework
Week of Mon Sep 02
First day of class Wed Sep 04

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for office hours, marking, and other policies.

sets and logic, Natural numbers, Rational numbers, Hippasus,
ordered sets, fields
if p divides ab

assignment 1
Week of Mon Sep 09
Real numbers as an ordered field with least upper bound property.
See Computers and formal proof
for background  -- not part of our course.

assignment 1 due.
Assignments are due
at the beginning of class on Fridays

assignment 2
Week of Mon Sep 16
Wed. class suspended by Senate: Truth and Reconciliation.

Office hours on Wednesday not cancelled
Complex numbers,  construction of  the real numbers.
Read about
decimal representations, extended reals, Euclidean spaces
assignment 2 due
assignment 3
Week of Mon Sep 23
A nice question someone asked me: What cut represents "e"? 
Finite, countable sets and uncountable sets,
Cantor-Schroeder-Bernstein Theorem
metric spaces.  Konigsberg bridge problem
not part of course: cardinality and axiom of choice

Read Thm
2.8, Corollary 2.12, Thm 2.13 and the Corollary that Q is countable because I will not cover this in class.
Metric spaces, neighbourhoods, open sets, limit points and closed sets, 
assignment 3 due
assignment 4

Week of Mon Sep 30 Read 2.28 - 2.30. Midterm covers to end of 2.30 and assignments 1-4. See
info for more details.  Here is my previous midterm to practice on.
unions and intersections of open and closed sets, the closure of E is the smallest set that contains E
Starting compactness, but will not be on exam.
assignment 4 due
No assignment this week
Use time to prepare for midterm
Week of Mon Oct 07

Read 2.41 -- 2.47. Perfect sets and connected sets appear in hw5.  The Cantor set is very important as a fractal and as an example in integration, but in this course all we do is "get used to it". Midterm on Friday Oct 11
Midterm answers
assignment 5
Week of Mon Oct 14
No class on Thanksgiving Day Monday Oct 14
Dec 2013 exam schedule
Starting chapter 3. Read proof of Thm 3.3. Please fill out 
midterm survey
and hand in on Friday while I have my face buried in the blackboard.
assignment 5 due
assignment 6
Week of Mon Oct 21 Euclidean spaces are complete. Read about monotone sequences, upper and lower limits, Thm 3.20 on convergence of some frequently occuring sequences.

Infinite series, p-series. The number  "e".
stacking dominoes (not part of syllabus)
assignment 6 due
assignment 7
Week of Mon Oct 28
Comparison theorem 3.25,
Ratio and root tests, Stirling Formula
Power series, radius of convergence
Summation by parts formula and alternating series
Absolute convergence, rearrangements
Read sections 3.47-3.51 on products and sums of series
assignment 7 due
assignment 8
Week of Mon Nov 04
Midterm covers from after 2.30 throught to end of chapter 3. See
info for more details.  Here is my previous midterm to practice on.

Limits of functions, continuous functions, read sections 4.5-4.12
assignment 8 due
No assignment this week
Week of Mon Nov 11
Monday, 11 November  
Holiday, Remembrance Day. University closed.

continuity and compactness 4.13 -- 4.21

Midterm on Friday Nov 15
assignment 9

Midterm answers
Week of Mon Nov 18
continuity and connectedness 4.22 -- 4.24,
intermediate value theorem.
Read sections 4.28-4.34 to see the examples. I will not be directly asking
questions about these sections on the final but the examples will help
you understand the sections we have covered.

chapter 5, definition of derivative, rules for differentiation, examples in 5.6.
Mean value Thm.

assignment 9 due
assignment 10
Week of Mon Nov 25
Friday Last day of classes
Mean Value Thm continued,
Taylor's Thm
Practice final
solutions to practice final
falsehoods promulgated by Brydges

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