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Note: if you are listed on this page and would like to update (or remove) your entry or if you are not on this page but should be, please contact Eric Cytrynbaum.
Faculty Research interests
Fred BrauerMathematical epidemiology, population biology, and dynamical systems

Daniel CoombsTheoretical immunology, cell-surface receptor kinetics, biological filament dynamics

Eric CytrynbaumDynamics of cell division, geometry sensing and cytoskeleton pattern formation; excitable media

Michael DoebeliEcology and Evolution, sympatric speciation, controlling chaos

James FengCellular mechanics, cytoskeletal remodeling, tissue mechanics and morphogenesis

Christoph HauertEvolutionary game theory, structured populations, cooperation, reward and punishment

Leah KeshetCytoskeleton and actin dynamics, swarming and aggregation behaviour in animal societies

Yue-Xian LiCalcium dynamics, signal transduction in cells, biophysics, neuroscience

Rebecca TysonMathematical Modelling in Spatial Ecology
Note: Prof. Tyson is at the Okanagan campus.

Emeritus FacultyResearch interests
Colin ClarkBehavioral ecology and economics of natural resources
Donald Ludwig Resource management, ecology, conservation
Robert Miura Electrical activity in excitable cells, nonlinear dynamics of cell models

Postdoctoral FellowsResearch interests
Wes Maciejewskievolutionary game theory

PhD StudentsResearch interestsSupervisor
William CarlquistModels of Min protein dynamicsCytrynbaum
Jia GuoLi
Alejandra Herrera-ReyesHIV and SIV infection modelsCoombs
Hildur KnutsdottirKeshet
Bernhard KonradMathematical modelling of infectious diseasesCoombs
Stilianos LoucaEvolution, Speciation, Biodiversity and ExtinctionDoebeli
Kelly PatonExcitable media and cardiac electrophysiologyCytrynbaum
Joshua Scurllcell signallingCoombs
Will ThompsonStochastic ProcessesKuske
Tenghu WuModeling of malaria-infected red cellsJames Feng
Cole Zmurchokaggregation and collective movementKeshet
MSc StudentsResearch interestsSupervisor
Catherine ByrneViral dynamics and cancerCoombs
Jummy DavidMathematical epidemiologyBrauer
Rebeca Cardim FalcaoCoombs
Sarafa IyaniwuraCoombs

Alumni SupervisorDegreeYearAfter UBC...
Rebecca HillerCytrynbaumMSc2014Faculty, West Valley College
Florence DebarreDoebeliPDF2013Faculty, University of Exeter
Jessica ConwayCoombsPDF2012PDF, Los Alamos National Lab
Raibatak (Dodo) DasCoombsPDF2012Faculty, UC Denver
Monica Delgado-CarrilloCoombsMSc2012
Joel HeathKeshetPDF2012University of Washington (?)
Alejandra Herrera-ReyesCoombsMSc2012PhD program
William (Bill) HolmesKeshetPDF2012UC Irvine
Yana NecWard/CoombsPDF2012Faculty, U. New Brunswick
Nessy TaniaKeshetPDF2012Faculty, Smith College
Qiming WangJames FengPDF2012York University
Mark ZajacKeshetPDF2012University of Arkansas
Venu KurellaCoombsMSc2011
Ben VanderleiKeshetPDF2011Faculty, University of the Fraser Valley
Jun AllardCytrynbaumPhD2010U. of California, Davis (PDF)
Jennifer MorrisonCoombsMSc2010SFU, education
Peter BorowskiCytrynbaum/KuskePDF2009
Stewart ChangCoombsPDF2009Postdoc, U. of Washington
Sasha JilkineKeshetPhD2009University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Ryan LukemanKeshet/LiPhD2009St. Francis Xavier University (faculty)
Sandra MerchantNagataPhD2009
Erin ProskKeshetMSc2009
Na YuLi/KuskePhD2009University of Ottawa (PDF)
Omer DushekCoombsPhD2008Oxford University (PDF)
Patrick FletcherLi/CytrynbaumMSc2008Florida State University (PhD)
Sydney Pachmann Balmforth/CoombsM.Sc.2008Vista Projects (Calgary)
Anmar KhadraKeshet/LiPDF2008
Yoichiro MoriKeshetPDF2008Faculty, University of Minnesota
James BaileyCoombs/KeshetM.Sc.2008
Toby Elmhirst M. Doebeli PDF2007ARC Centre of Excellence - Coral Reef Studies
Daniel Olmos B. ShizgalPh.D.2007Faculty, Universidad de Sonora
Christine YangF. BrauerM.Sc.2007Math Education, Harvard
Lin WangF. Brauer PDF2007University of New Brunswick
Colleen BallD. CoombsM.Sc.2006Technical Systems Testing
Adriana DawesL. KeshetPh.D.2006Center for Cell Dynamics, Friday Harbor Labs
Stefan Reinker E Puil, R MiuraPh.D.2004Novartis
Eunha Shim F. Brauer M.Sc. 2004 Yale University (PDF with Alison Galvani)
Merchant, SandraM. DoebeliM.Sc. 2003 UBC (Ph.D.)
Luca, MagdalenaL. KeshetPh.D.2002Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Norris, AmyL. KeshetM.Sc.2002McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre
Iron, David R. Miura, M. WardPh.D.2001Faculty, Dalhousie (Math)
Glover, CliveJ. PiretM.Sc.2001
Anderies, J. Marty C. Clark Ph.D. 1998 Faculty, Arizona State University
Enns-Ruttan, JenniferR. MiuraPh.D.1998 
Spiros, Athan
L. KeshetPh.D.1998In Silico Biosciences, Inc.
Thiara, RajpalR. MiuraM.Sc.1998
Dai, Long XiangR. MiuraPh.D.1997
Watmough, JamesL. KeshetPh.D.1996Faculty, Univ. of New Brunswick
Orchard, JeffW. Nagata, L. HarrisonM.Sc.1996
Civelekoglu, GulL. KeshetPh.D.1995Univ. of California, Davis
De Vries, GerdaR. MiuraPh.D.1995Faculty, Univ. of Alberta
Mogilner, AlexL. KeshetPh.D.1995Faculty, Univ. of California, Davis
Van Coller, LynnD. LudwigPh.D.1995Math Finance (S. Africa Bank)
Royer, SophieG. HoffmannM.Sc.1993
Beukema, Sarah J.D. Ludwig, J. MyersM.Sc.1992ESSA Technologies Ltd.
Foster, ToniR. MiuraM.Sc.1992 
Omielan, JohnC. ClarkM.Sc.1991 
Mah, ChristopherR. MiuraPh.D.1989
Mangel, MarcD. LudwigPh.D.1977Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
Reed, WilliamC. ClarkPh.D.1975Faculty, Univ. of Victoria