Math/Mech 358 - Engineering Analysis



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Status (2012.01.04)


Math 358.1 Writing computer lab activities

Write Matlab computer labs for this new course that apply numerical methods learned from the lecture portion of the course. For students who took Mech 2, the activities will not have new Matlab skills but require the application of learned skills to new types of numerical analysis.

BH (design), IK (producing documents), WC (feedback on drafts)

Jan-Apr 2012


Available from B. Homsy.

Math 358.2 Assessing lab activities Assess student reception of the new computer lab acitivities by a survey after Lab 2 (of 5) and at end of term. WC (design), BH (ideas, feedback on drafts) 2012, 2013? Completed initial assessments (2012) Lab 2 survey was implemented in Vista (where lab documents were posted and work submitted for online grading) while the End-of-Term survey used UBC's VFM survey tool (may be found there, with raw data). Summaries and the zip file of the Lab 2 survey are available upon request from the Math CWSEI team.