Math 300/305 - Complex Analysis



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Math 305.1 Learning Goals

Write down learning goals for the course.


August 10

3rd revision - done

Learning goals

Math 305.2 Course Materials Build and record weekly course materials (lecture topics, homework, quizzes, tests) which can be added to the course archive. MW, JL Fall 10 In progress  
Math 305.3 Students' background Compare students' background in Math 300 and 305 and study the correlation between the final grades of Math 300/305 and other courses JL Fall 10 In progress

06-09 Math 300 Correlation

Students' background

Math 305.3 Assessments Design and evaluate test (pretests, posttests, exams) and compare the performance between students in math major and in engineering physics majors. Also compare with Math 300/301. MW, JL Fall 10

Diagnostic HW - done

Midterm 1 - done

Midterm 2 -done

Math 305.4 Midterm Design questions that can be used on both Math 300 and 305 midterms. Compare performance of students MW, JL Fall 10

Midterm 1 - done

Math 305.5 Student Survey Develop and give end-of-term survey to current students to help determine their opinions on the pace of the course. JL Fall 10 Survey - done Math 305 End-of-term survey