Math 220



People involved

Scheduled dates for work

Status (2013.01.09)


220.1 Learning Goals

Develop learning goals for the course.

SM, Katya Y, AR

Summer 10 (first draft), Jan-Apr 2012 (second draft)

First draft is complete. Second draft is in progress. The aim is to have an addition to the previous documents - helping the student see how the previous list of learning goals fits together into a coherent structure, to help them better organize knowledge of the subject.

MATH 220 Learning Goals (first draft)

220.2 Student Surveys and Interviews (Winter Terms 2008 & 2009)

Survey and interview students to determine attitudes towards the course and what they did/did not find useful in subsequent courses.


May-Jul 10

Completed. Results have been compiled.

2008 Survey

2009 Survey

Summary of Survey Responses

220.3 Instructor Interviews (Math 220 and subsequent courses)

Interview previous Math 220 instructors about student difficulties in the course, as well as instructors of subsequent 300-level courses to help develop appropriate learning goals.


Apr-May 10

Interviews are complete. A list of common difficulties in Math 220 has been compiled. A partial list of desired proof skills for subsequent courses has been created.

Student Difficulties

List of desired proof skills

220.4 Review Final Exams

Review and code 2009 final exams for common student errors.


May-Jun 10

2009 WT2 final exams have been coded (4 out of 9 exam problems). A report was written and reviewed with the instructor.

Summary of Exam Coding

Link to Apr 2009 exam

220.5 Basic Skills Diagnostic Test

Develop and validate a basic proof skills diagnostic test.


Summer 10, Winter 10

Final draft complete. Validation was performed and the results summarized. Validation still needs to be done on a few unvalidated questions

Final Draft (May 2012) (restricted access)

Summary of validation

220.6 Pre/Post Test

Administer the basic proof skills diagnostic test (start and end of term) and analyze the results.


2010 WT1&2, 2011 Summer, 2011 WT1&2, 2012 Summer, 2012 WT1&2

Ongoing. A summary of results has been compiled for each completed term.

Summary of results 2010 WT1

Summary of results 2010 WT2

220.7 Math Attitudes and Perceptions Survey (MAPS)

Administer MAPS in MATH 220.


Fall 2010, Fall 2012

Completed. Results were analyzed and will be used to improve the survey.

MAPS Survey

220.8 Post-Lecture Student Interviews

Interview two students after each lecture about the content and pace of the lecture, as well as effectiveness of homework and in-class exercises.


Fall 10

Completed. Feedback was given to the instructor (AR) after each lecture. A review and analysis of the interviews over the term is in progress.

Post-lecture interview questions

220.9 Think-aloud proof problem-solving interviews

Conduct think-aloud interviews with Math 220 students from 2010 WT1 and WT2 to characterize proof strategies and identify common difficulties and errors.


Mar-Apr 2011

Interviews are completed (17 in total), but have not yet been analyzed.

Outline of Math 220 Think-Aloud Interviews

220.10 Student Surveys (2010)

Survey students from 2010 WT1 to determine attitudes towards the course and in-class activities.


Dec 10 - Jan 11, Summer 2012

Completed. End-of-term survey were administered in Dec. 2010 and summer 2012. Results have been compiled and analyzed and a report written and given to each instructor.

End of Term Survey

Dec 2010 Reports (restricted access)

Summer 2012 Report

220.11 Problem Solving Workshops (2011)

Develop a set of weekly workshops to run along with Math220 course.

Katya Y, Athena N, Andrew R

August - December 2011

A set of twelve workshops, including review workshops for midterms, has been put together. Solutions have been written by Athena for every problem.


220.12 Problem Solving Workshops (2012)

Workshops for Math 220 proofs course - trying new format

AR, Rajiv G, Katya Y, SM

2011 WT2, 2012 Summer, 2012 WT2

Workshops were restructured to take place in class every fourth lecture, and includes a short quiz is given at the end of class. Instructor goes over solution to the quiz and an essential problem or two.


220.13 Course and workshop end-of-term survey, Dec 2011

End-of-term survey, to gauge student response to workshops.

Katya Y, Andrew R

December 2011

Surveys this term were anonymous. Non-anonymous surveys would be useful in the future. List of findings is attached, along with commentary from students

End of Term Survey Fall 2011

Summary of useful findings

Student comments

220.14 Start of term survey, Jan 2012

Survey to determine students' demographics, calculus 2 background and "mathematical maturity" (math courses taken in the past)

Andrew R, Rajiv G, Katya Y

January 2012

Survey was given along with the Diagnostic pre-test. The survey is non-anonymous this time. Findings will be posted later.

Start of Term Survey January 2012


220.15 Post-workshop and post-lecture student interviews

Student interviews, to gauge usefulness of workshops and students' perceptions of them

Katya Y, Andrew R

January-April 2012

Students in both sections were interviewed after every workshop session. Students were also interviewed after Thursday lectures in one of the sections. Summary of interviews and observations was given to the instructors weekly.

Post workshop interviews, Spring 2012


220.16 Exam Coding

Find isometric questions on Winter 2009, 2010, and 2011 exams and code them to assess the effectiveness of the new workshops and the reduction in course content


Summer 2012

Coding has been completed. No statistically significant differences were found between the two treatments (workshop vs. historical).


220.17 Assessment of workshop impact (diagnostic test)

Compare performance of students on the basic proof diagnostic post-test to assess the impact of the new workshops.


Fall 2012

Statistical analysis was completed. No statistically significant differences were found between the two treatments (workshop vs. historical).