Math 200 - Calculus III



People involved

Scheduled dates for work

Status (2012.12.20)


Math 200.1 Diagnostics

Develop diagnostic tests on materials from first year calculus



Fall 2012 - done and analyzed


Math 200.2 Supplementary materials Develop supplementary reading materials and interactive 3D graphs that are also used in in-class demos JL 12/13

Partly developed, posted on UBC Blog

Pre-reading materials will be developed in Spring 2013

Blog posts, Fall 2012

Math 200.3 In-class activities

Develop in-class activities

J. Gordon, JL Fall 12

A number of in-class activites developed


Math 200.4 Survey Develop and run online surveys to gather students' opinions on online homework, in-class activities and supplementary materials JL 12/13 Fall 2012- done and analyzed

Midterm survey form - 2012-10
End-of-term survey form - 2012-11