Math 110 - Differential Calculus



People involved

Scheduled dates for work

Status (2012.01.04)


Math 110.1 Learning Goals

Write down learning goals for the workshops and the course.


Summer 10

3rd draft completed, published

Learning Goals

Math 110.2 Basic Skill Tests Develop diagnostic test for students registering in Math 110, 180, and 184. RG, RA, CP, JL Summer 08, 09, 10, 11 Done, analyze after term ends

Results by CP for BST 2008:
Overall test analysis,
Question by question Analysis

Results for M110 pre-diagnostic test, 2010

Math 110.3 Attittude Survey

Develop and run online surveys for current students to help determine their attitudes and perceptions towards math.

JL 10/11, 11/12

1st attitude survey - done

2nd attitude survey - done

Math 110, 2010-09 with results

Summary of results on attitude section for Math 184/104/110 (with results by WC), 2010-09

Math 110, 2011-04 with results and analysis

Math 110.4 Workshops Redesign the format of the workshops. Perform workshop observations FSL, DKim, DKoh, JL 10/11, 11/12 New workshop format used  
Math 110.5 Online Homework Develop online homework based on the WeBWorK system. DKim, JL 09/10 - 10/11

09/10, 10/11 - done

11/12 - MathXL is used

Comparison b/w WeBWorK and written assignments
Math 110.6 Group Projects Develop and evaluate short group projects. Determine whether wiki-type discussion boards can be used for students during the term. FSL, Dkim, DKoh, JL 10/11

Group projects - on hold

Wiki - for DKim and DKoh sections only

Math 110.7 Course Materials Build and record weekly course materials (lecture topics, homework, workshop activities, quizzes, tests) which can be added to the course archive. FSL, DKim, DKoh, JL 10/11 Course materials collected  
Math 110.8 Study Skills Interventions Develop a set of effective strategies and meet with low-performing students to recommend changed. Evaluate the changes by student interviews. FSL, DKim, DKoh, JL Fall 10 - Spring 11 Attitude and study habit survey done Presentation on Study Skills, 2011-10
Math 110.9 Survey

Develop and run online surveys for current students to help determine their opinions on lectures, in-class activities, workshops, assignments and tests. Also find out why some students did not attend lectures or workshops, or did not do homework.

JL 10/11, 11/12

Midterm survey - done

Workshop survey - done

Study habit survey - done

Midterm survey form, 2010-11

Workshop survey form, 2010-11
Workshop survey form, 2011-04
Workshop survey report, 2011-04
Workshop survey form, 2011-11

Study habit survey form, 2010-11

Math 110.10 Online Textbook

Pilot the use of a free, online textbook paired with a collection of online resources as a replacement for the standard textbook. Measure student reception of this resource via focus groups and surveys.

FSL, WC 11/12, 12/13

Focus group for standard textbook - done

Online survey in Fall to match "use of study resources" survey from previous year - done

Further online survey to probe specific online resource use - Spring 2013

Focus group for online textbook - Spring 2013

Focus group and survey data available by request from FSL or WC.
Math 110.11 Student Peer Review

Evaluate possible schemes for students to assess one another's work in a conventient online system.

WC 12/13

Investigated UBC options as of Fall 2012 - done

Summary of online peer review options at UBC as of Fall 2012