Course Outline for Math 105 Section 204 (January- April, 2013)

Instructor: Christian Sadel

Office: LSK 126C

Office hours location: LSK 303C     (LOCATION CHANGED)

Office Hours: 1:00-2:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday.

Textbook: The required textbook for this course is Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Volume 2. Third custom edition for UBC, by Briggs and Cochran. The textbook is available at the UBC Bookstore. ISBN 10 digit: 1256805777. ISBN 13 digit: 9781256805779. This book is available at the UBC Bookstore.

Grading Scheme . Your grade will be computed based on the following formula:

1 Final Exam 50%

2 Two midterms, common for all sections: 17% + 17% = 34%

3 Course-common WebWorks assignemts 10%, log in here

4 Quizzes 6%

Please note that grades may be scaled to ensure fairness across sections.

Additional material, class files

Solutions to midterms, quizzes

From common course webpage:

Quizzes in this section:

Practice problems

This section contains a list of problems from the textbook and will be updated weekly. These are not to be turned in, but working through them will help crystallize the concepts covered in class. Not all parts of a textbook section will be emphasized equally in lectures, and these problems serve as guidelines for identifying the important and relevant parts that constitute the course syllabus. Exam questions will be largely modelled on these problems.