Local coworkers and trainees, past and present


Alejandra Herrera Reyes, MScPhD StudentInterpretation of fluorescence imaging (FRAP and super-resolution)
Joshua ScurllPhD StudentCell signaling in cancer
Sarafa IyaniwuraMSc StudentParticle-based simulation
Rebeca Cardim FalcaoPhD StudentParticle tracking analysis
Catherine ByrneMSc StudentImmuno-virus-cancer models
Libin AbrahamPostdoctoral fellowSingle particle microscopy and B cell signaling
David KongHonours biophysics thesisSingle particle microscopy at the immune synapse


Graduate students
James Bailey, MSc Applied Math 2008 T cell development; Amyloid clearance; Amyloid fibrillization.

James won the ACCELERATE BC 2007 Award of Excellence in Life Sciences for his project on amyloid fibrillization carried out jointly with Bruce Verchere's group at the BC Children's hospital.
Colleen Ball, MSc Applied Math 2006 Understanding pathogen selection pressures at the within- and between- host levels.
Omer Dushek, PhD Applied Math 2008 T cell signaling; Immune synapse; T cell development; FRAP analysis. Omer started a postdoc with Anton van der Merwe at Oxford in January, 2009 was awarded a Newton International Fellowship, and is now a faculty member in pathology at Oxford.
Monica Delgado Carrillo, MSc 2012Analysis of two-photon imaging in immunology. Now working in mathematics education in Guanajuato.
Alejandra Herrera Reyes, MSc 2012HIV dynamics. Now a PhD student.
Jennifer Hubbarde, MSc Virus dynamics modeling.
Bernhard Konrad, PhD 2015HIV and malaria epidemic dynamics and stochastic dynamics during early HIV infection
Venu Kurella, MSc 2011Asymptotic analysis of first passage time problems in biology (joint supervision with Michael Ward). Now a PhD student at McMaster.
Sydney Pachmann, MSc Applied Math 2008Swimming in slime (motion of microorganisms in complex fluids). Moved on to Vista Projects in Calgary.
Jennifer Morrison, MSc Applied Math 2010Analysis of single particle tracking data. Now: secondary education.
Humeyra Kiyak, MScPhD student
Undergraduate Students
Adrian Cortes, BSc. NSERC USRA 2006 Analysis of single particle tracking data. Adrian subsequently did his master's in bioinformatics at UBC and has then moved on to a PhD, also in bioinformatics.
Isaac Holloway, BSc. NSERC USRA 2004 Models for antigen presentation.
Gurpreet Khaira, BSc. Honours Integrated Science 2008T and NK cell response to tumours. Gurpreet moved on to medical school after this.
Disha Mehta, BSc. Honours Biophysics 2007 Dynamics of viral infections at the single cell level. Disha subsequently went to UBC medical school.
Jared Simpson, BSc. RA 2006-2007 Software for studying intracellular signaling. Jared moved on to a PhD program in computational biology, did rather well and is now at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.
Mani Hamidi, BSc. RA 2009 Computational study of multi-strain pathogen dynamics in host networks.
Eric Foxall, Undergrad RA 2009Software for single particle tracking analysis. Next: master's and PhD in mathematics at U Vic.
Joel Fox, BSc. Honours Biophysics 2010B cell signaling. Next: UBC Medical School
Ian Zhu, USRA 2014Models of mosquito and malaria control
Brian Irwin, USRA 2015Single particle microscopy
Rachel Stiyer USRA 2015Particle-based simulation of calcium dynamics in the heart.
Ki-Woong Sung USRA 2015Interpretation of clustering data from super-resolution microscopy.
Postdoctoral fellows
Raibatak Das, PhD Amyloid clearance; Single-particle-tracking; FRAP analysis; B cell signaling. Next move: Assistant professor, Integrative Biology, University of Colorado in Denver.
Jessica Conway, PhDHIV and influenza models (within-host and epidemic). Next move: Los Alamos National Lab, Theoretical Biology and Biophysics group. Now: tenure track faculty at Penn State.
Yana Nec, PhDAnalysis of reaction-diffusion systems
Stewart Chang, PhD Antigen processing and presentation. HIV modeling. Next move: University of Washington, Bioinformatics.

Daniel Coombs / Department of Mathematics / University of British Columbia