Fall 2015: Math 221: Matrix Algebra

Instructors: Dr. Daniel Coombs, Dr. Justin Tzou and Dr. Miljian Brakocevic.

Math department tutoring centre is located in LSK.

  • Text: This class does not have a required text.
  • Clickers will be used in this course. Everyone needs to get a clicker (available from the bookstore).

    Important Dates:

  • First class:
  • Final exam: TBA


  • Term marks may be scaled up or down on a classwide basis, depending on performance on the final exam. This is to ensure fairness across both sections of the course.
  • You have to submit only your own Webwork, own homework, own clicking, etc. Although you are welcome to study together and discuss the homework with other students, the work you submit (electronically, on paper, or via clickers) must be your own. UBC policies on cheating and plagiarism are extremely strict. If in doubt, enquire before submitting.



    Final Exam

  • Previous math exams. Note that different topics receive more or less emphasis in different years.
  • UBC Math Exam Resources wiki.
  • UBC Math club. Will sell you some previous exams with solutions. Carefully note their opening hours.
    Daniel Coombs / Department of Mathematics / University of British Columbia