Winter 2016: Math 215, Section 201: Differential Equations
Instructor: Dr. Daniel Coombs.
Office hours: Mathematics Annex, Room 1109. Monday 1pm-2pm, Wednesday 11am-12pm and by appointment. I will also usually be available right after class for quick questions.
Math department tutoring centre is located in LSK 301/302.

Email: coombs (at) math (dot) ubc (dot) ca
Office phone: 604-822-2859

  • Clickers will be used in this section. Everyone needs to get a clicker (available from the bookstore).
  • Link to common class webpage for homework assignments, etc..

    Important Dates:

  • First class: 10am, January 4th, 2016.
  • Midterm: February 29th, 2016.
  • Final exam: TBA

    Important: Survey (complete by Jan 21st)

    Please complete the survey on attitudes and perceptions of mathematics by Jan 21st: [SURVEY] Completion of this survey and the follow up later in the semester is worth 1% of your grade (part of the quiz/clicker grade).


  • See common course page.

    Section notes

  • January 4 class notes. Matlab script for the SIR model from class. Function required for the SIR model.
  • January 6 class notes.
  • January 8 class notes.
  • January 11 class notes.
  • January 13 class notes.
  • January 15 class notes.
  • January 18 class notes.
  • January 20 class notes.
  • January 22 class notes. Matlab script from class (corrected and extended).
  • January 25 class notes.
  • January 27 class notes.
  • Link to a nice video on complex plane and exponentials of complex numbers (thanks to Christopher for the link).
  • January 29 class notes.
  • February 1 class notes.
  • February 3 class notes.
  • February 5 class notes.

    Daniel Coombs / Department of Mathematics / University of British Columbia